06 March 2016
Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin supports Artemis in The America’s Cup in Oman

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“It’s all about team efforts and exceptional understanding of each other that matters most and wins it all. Every single second counts and every single decision must be on par with it.” Those were words coming out of Loïck Peyron, one of the most successful multihull sailors in history. A true legend.

I arrived in The Chedi, a spectecular hotel in Muscat Oman, with a shy experience about competitive sailing, but I left Oman with an exclusive feeling of many discoveries. This is not about Lionel Messi not tracking back to defend and help his team because he may get away with it. This is not about Michael Jordan having an off-day counting on his colleagues to do the scoring. This team competition sport is all about just that: the team. The whole team. Every single person on that boat needs to be in perfect physical shape, full focus with an impeccable attention to precision and details. Yes, The America’s Cup and all other sailing competitions do depend 100% on mother nature, but what I discovered in Muscat that no matter what, the Artemis team kept it together, fighting for each other with one objective in mind: to achieve the best that they can – together.

This feel that I got in Muscat reminded me of the same words and spirit that Rolf Schnyder, late President of Ulysse Nardin repeated to me. Ulysse Nardin today with Patrik Hoffmann at the helm is the undisputed marine watch brand with the Artemis collection (pictured here), launched last September in support to Artemis Racing and the brand’s partnership with the team, achieving the expected success around the markets. Ulysse Nardin today can be proud of its achievements, not only because of its valuable partnerships and supportive missions, but also and especially because it is still the only watch brand today that presents quality timepieces with a true unique identity that sets the brand apart. The foundations laid by Schnyder, who knew exactly what he wanted and achieved it to the dot, are so strong and long visioned that I can predict years and years of Ulysse Nardin domination in its own category of manufacturing timepieces, in-house, that clients love to buy, that people love to wear. People like Iain Percy, the Artemis Racing Team Manager, and Loïck Peyron they strive for achievements and for excellence, and no matter what the end result they are satisfied with themselves to the full because they simply love what they do. No arrogance in here and no chip on the shoulder: remarkable and quite rightly so famous sportsmen who just love to compete because they always have targets to achieve, points to prove and dreams to achieve. It was a sensational journey to Muscat because it revived the reasoning of being passionate and in the same time being appreciative to whatever you achieve in life with dignity and humility. It reminded me of a legend who created a watch brand out of nothing, faced so many difficulties and challenges yet, he achieved his dreams. Why? Because he knew what he wanted and his self-confidence was sky high filled with lots of wind to keep steering the boat ahead. Legends never die… their inspiration inside us keeps them alive.



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